The UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator opens in Birmingham in January 2021

5G: The new network arrives

5G: The new network arrives

TMT Predictions 2019 Although it will take years for 5G to replicate 4G’s marketplace dominance, its speed, capacity, latency, and penetration make 5G an opportunity many...

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Corporate Innovators

We live in an ultra-connected digital world that evolves at an acclivitous pace, where customers expect innovation and the best products and services. Hence, corporations have two options, disrupt or be disrupted. We help corporations innovate and tackle their challenges with top start-ups and talent leveraging 5G.                                            


5PRING offers a unique opportunity for UK registered start-ups and innovators to work with partner corporations to accelerate both businesses. The 5PRING program is a joint initiative by consortium partners that aims to help start-ups boost their propositions utilizing 5G capabilities and accelerate the time to market.