5G Testbeds

These fully functional cellular technology facilities help to bring solutions out of R&D for testing as an early real-world deployment, and can be used to grow market opportunities by showcasing new applications.

The testbeds are equipped with commercial and open source protocol stacks, with the Birmingham testbed having a dedicated 1Gbps connection to both the Wolverhampton and Coventry sites

Commercial-grade packet core network software with local breakout capability with the functionality to provide network slicing and Edge computing and storage support. All infrastructure sits behind a commercial-grade firewall, providing a secure environment for the experimenters to evaluate their solutions.

4G and 5G-NR (3GPPP Rel. 15) radio access networks operating in licensed spectrum, using a non-operational T&D licence granted by Ofcom with Cellular IoT support (NB-IoT and LTE-M) and 4G NSA and 5G SA (based on implementation)

Mobile user equipment (smartphones, laptops with mobile broadband dongles and tablets with cellular access, cellular IoT module) with pre-configured SIM cards and technical support for testbed user project integration