Venue Management

How might we enhance the overall customer experience at events through superior connectivity? For example:

  • Providing an effective navigation experience for customers (e.g. way finding, dynamic management of queuing, journey planning car parking etc)
  • Improving retailing and ticketing operations (e.g. pre-ordering and upgrading tickets, tickets scanning, mobile tills, ordering F&B/ merchandising etc)
  • Ensuring the safety and security of events through cross venue communications and staff using minimally intrusive means
  • Improving business information management (e.g. smart monitoring of fans and infrastructure, connecting IoT devices, collecting that data and be able to predict behavior)
  • Enhancing the available information to visitors to ensure they get the most from their visits
  • Linking the exhibition experience to the Venue’s retail offering
  • Monitoring the condition of the Trust’s collection that is storage
  • Improving visualization of collection layout during exhibition planning

Audience Experience

How might we enhance audience engagement and make the experience more inclusive through the use of innovative technologies for people onsite and at home? For example:

  • Creating AR/MR experience of the live event in situ (e.g. live sports statistics or concert VR assets pushed onto stage during live performance)
  • Enabling live experience at home for people who cannot attend the event in the venue through AR/ VR headsets and other immersive technologies

Improving interactivity for Exhibits

How might we improve the interactivity of exhibits for our customers through the use of innovative engagements? For example:

  • Developing mixed reality learning experiences
  • Making a greater percentage of the group’s assets visible to the public at a given time through the use of digital means
  • Reaching new audiences by providing tailored digital content and exhibitions
  • Creating a closed customer information and feedback loop

Other Use Cases

Our challenge owners are also interested in transformative use cases and innovative solutions in the area of artist production and welcome applications from startups and SMEs with innovations in additional areas. These could include leveraging 5G and computer vision to enable:

  • Preshow e2e programming and planning by all areas of production to set-up and align automation, cues, lighting, and sound
  • Video monitoring of the production, from multiple angles, to execute cues (e.g. lift), see all danger spots, monitor crowd and general observation
  • Controlling all cues and automations during the live show to deliver them exactly when required
  • Seamless sound syncing for all artists through in ear monitoring and microphones, with relevant members of production and sound desk

Applications are now closed