Plant Operations 

  • Remote Operation: Operation of equipment and machinery remotely
  • Automatic Visual validation: Validate the end result against a digital design, defect detection and product quality assurance
  • Asset tracking: Accurate location tracking of equipment, tools or people on site
  • Machine Time Servitisation: wireless connectivity between machines to allow for high volume data capture
  • Remote working: Enable workers to work efficiently at a remote site

The proposed solutions could leverage computer vision, IoT, AI and robotics to:

  • Allow for a remote operation of a site or plant enabling increased productivity in operating hard to access sites or operating machinery with no/poor line of sight
  • Enable automatic validation of the finished product or project and create alert if any non-conformance present
  • Enable better understanding of machine utilisation and production flows to allow for dynamic scheduling and new business models
  • Enable real time, accurate, location positioning, tracking and alerting of equipment, tools and people
  • Support workers to work productively and efficiently in remote locations, and access to consistent quality and level of construction information

Site / Factory Monitoring

  • Remote Monitoring: Machine monitoring and diagnostics
  • Site surveillance: Accurate autonomous surveys of the site
  • Site Monitoring: Accurate monitoring of remote/pop-up offices

The proposed solutions could leverage computer vision, IoT, AI, AR and robotics to:

  • Enable autonomous surveys of the site and real time reporting of reduced productivity or unsafe conditions
  • Allow real time reporting of machinery and/or site operation output
  • Real time reporting of machine health and diagnostics to prevent significant un-planned down time
  • Real time monitoring and data of temperature and environmental conditions in disconnected and pop-up offices.

Other Use Cases

Our challenge owners are interested in transformative use cases and innovative solutions in manufacturing and construction, and welcomes applications from startups and SMEs with innovations in additional areas. These could include leveraging 5G and computer vision to enable live streaming to and from construction sites and digital control rooms to monitor work at the sites, VR/AR in training, use cases around network slicing for different groups of users on site, amongst others.

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