Health & Wellbeing

How might we improve health and wellbeing through behavioural changes monitored by 5G? For example: 

  • reducing isolation, loneliness, the number of falls, and improving mental-health
  • Providing remote care and consultations
  • Environment and activity monitoring remotely
  • Incentivised behavioural change

Public Services 

How might we improve the efficiency of public services using 5G? Specifically related to:

  • Fly-tipping and littering

  • Waste management and rubbish collection

  • Road condition monitoring

  • Smart parking


Public Safety and Security

How might we increase public safety in the West Midlands using 5G? For example:

  • Monitoring and response to anti-social behaviour
  • Monitoring and regulating high foot traffic areas
  • Retrofitting legacy monitoring equipment

Social and Events 

How might we improve the attractiveness of the high street and local regions of interest using 5G? For example:

  • Creating digital experiences using AR / VR

  • Journey planning and mapping within the city centres

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